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Psychology of Colour in Advertising your Brand

Posted on August 15, 2012 at 1:05 PM

How to select your Colour

We can help you select the right color for your brand. Picking the right colour can be difficult and requires time and planning.

  • What colour represents your brand’s personality?
  • What colour suits the characteristics of your product/service?
  • What colour does your competitor(s) use?

Colours aren’t tied to any particular industry

Though some may be better suited for some services/products than others. You should aim to pick a colour that will represent your brand’s personality best. One that will give your customers the right impression the first time they see it.

You aren’t limited to one colour.

Some brands like eBay choose to go with many colors to represent variety — but you can also choose a couple of colours that work well together.

Consider differences in cultural interpretations of your color.

For example in the Western world, white is considered the colour of purity and peace, however, in some parts of Asia white is the color of death. Make sure the color you select will give the right impressions in the markets you’re present in.

Pick a colour opposite to that of your main competitor.

The colour of your main competitor is probably the most important point to consider. If you’re the first in a new industry or market segment, then you have first picks. Choose the colour that represents your product and its personality. If you’re second, then that first choice may already be taken. Instead of picking the same or similar colour, pick the opposite. Pick blue if your competitor has red, pick purple if they have yellow, etc. A brand’s strength lies in its ability to stand out. Picking the same color to that of your key competitor makes you a me-too product. Instead, you want to separate yourself from the competitor, you want to show that you’re different.

A good brand is like a person’s fingerprint, It is your way of showing your customers how your business is distinctive from the competition. Creating an image for your company that reflects your style and your goals in a way that appeals to your targeted customers. An attractive and well-designed brand can go a long way towards marketing success. Remember…first impressions count! Your brand comes to life with good design. Visual design gives presence to your business, helps it maintain market presence and continue to be relevant with the existing and new clients.


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